Hellfire Pass Museum Journal

After the location of the original rail trace and the creation of the Heritage (Walking) Trail along the section of the Burma Thailand Railway between Konnyu Cutting (Hellfire Pass) and Compressor Cutting, the above museum and interpretive facility was established.

The Australian Thai Chamber of Commerce played a significant part in the early work and the Museum was built by the Australian Government with the cooperation of the Thai Government and the Thai Military Development Command.

An information booklet was inaugurated by Ken Bradley of AustCham and over the years many editions have been revised and issued.

In 2010 Rod Beattie, Bill Haskell and Eric Wilson combined to bring the publication up to date with new photographs, revised articles and a brighter appearance.

The new issue has now been printed and will be officially launched to coincide with Anzac Day 2011. Genuine copies are available through the Hellfire Pass Museum, the Thailand Burma Railway Centre and the Burma Thailand Railway Memorial Association.