Suggested Further Reading





The Narrow Road to the Deep North Richard Flanagan 9780857980366
Working The Line Margaret Cruikshank 9780646524856
The Burma Railway, Hellships & Coalmines Tony Carter and Neil MacPherson 9780646468938
Men of the Line Pattie Wright 9780522854831
A Different Brand of English
(A Travel Guide to WW2 Singapore, the Thai-Burma Railways and related WW2 Travel Subjects)
Andrew Mason  
The Railway Man Eric Lomax  
Wartime Trilogy:
Out of the Smoke – Into the Smother – The Sword and the Blossom
Ray Parkin  
A Mug from the Bush Nev Anning  
The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop Edward Dunlop  
Remembering Weary Margaret Geddes 0140269703
Hellfire Cameron Forbes  
Weary – the Life of Sir Edward Dunlop Sue Ebury 0141003340
The Will to Survive – a Private’s view as a Prisoner of War Douglas McLaggan  
A Life For Every Sleeper Hugh V Clarke 0043780091
A Yarn Or Two Don Lee 085905 2788
All In My Stride Richard Harris 0859052605
Bataan – The March Of Death  Stanley L Falk  
Behind Bamboo Rohan Rivett  
Blood On Borneo Jack Wong Sue 0646416561
Burma Railway Artist Jack Chalker 0850523370
Destined Meeting Leslie Bell  
Doctor’S Diary & Memoirs Roy Mills 0646194739
Ghosts In Khaki Les Cody 0859052354
Heroes Of F Force Don Wall 0646160478
Last Stop Nagasaki! Hugh V Clarke  
Medicos And Memories J Dixon & B Goodwin 0646334700
No Time For Geishas Geoffrey Pharaoh Adams  
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Singapore Is Silent George Weller  
Singapore Samurai Penrod V Dean 0731809610
Soldier Surgeon In Malaya Thomas Hamilton  
The Albert Coates Story  A Coates & N Rosenthal 0908090013
The Burma-Thailand Railway G Mccormack & H Nelson  1863734236
The Dawn Came Up Like Thunder  Leo Rawlings   
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The Naked Island  Russell Braddon   
The War With Japan  Charles Bateson  
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We Were There  John Barrett  014011145X
White Coolies  Betty Jeffrey  0207196281
A Doctor’s War  Rowley Richards 0732280087
The Colonel of Tamarkan – Philip Toosey and the Bridge over the River Kwai Julie Summers