Most of the survivors of the Burma-Thailand Railway owe their lives to the devotion of the medical staff. This article honours the Australia Army Medical staff who risked their lives to support, save and comfort the sick and dying workers on the railway. Many thanks go to Peter Winstanley for preparing the original article..
Medical Officers (Doctors) on the Burma Thailand Railway during WW2.

At the fall of Singapore there were about 100 Medical and Dental Officers who became Prisoners of War. There were probably a greater number of Medical Officers from the other Allied forces. 43 Australian Medical Officers and 5 Dental Officers were sent to Burma & Thailand in support of the POWs on the Railway. A list of these officers together with the identity of the Force to which they were attached, follows.

List of Australian Army Medical Corp Officers on the Burma-Thailand Railway

A FORCE To Burma May 1942

HAMILTON, T Lt-Col SMO 2/4 CCS NX70505
COATES, A E Lt-Col   2/10 AGH VX39198
EADIE, N B Lt-Col   2/13 AGH VX14845
HOBBS, A F Maj   2/4 CCS SX10761
FISHER, W E Maj   2/4 CCS NX70506
CHALMERS, J S Maj   2/4 CCS TX2150
KRANTZ, S S Maj   2/4 CCS SX13978
RICHARDS, C R B Capt   2/15 Fd Regt NX70273
ANDERSON, C D Capt   2/4 MGB WX3464
CUMMING, G D Capt   2/10 Fd Amb NX70385
BRERETON, T L G Capt   2/4 CCS NX76108
HIGGIN, J P Capt   2/4 CCS NX34949
WHITE, A J M Capt   2/4 CCS TX6074
SIMPSON, S T Capt (Dentist)   2/4 CCS TX2188
TREVELEVEN WJK Capt (Dentist)   25 Dental Unit VX39266

D FORCE To Southern end of line March 1943

HAZELTON, A R Maj (Dentist) SMO 2/10 Fd Amb NX35134
PARKER, R G Capt   2/10 Fd Amb NX71143
WRIGHT, R G Capt   2/10 AGH NX70664
MILLARD, P T Capt   2/26 Bn NX76511
HINDER, D Capt   2/19 Bn NX76302
DUNCAN, I L Capt   RAE NX35135
FINIMORE L T Capt (Dentist)   32 Dental Unit QX25482

DUNLOP FORCE To Southern end of line January 1943

DUNLOP, E E Lt-Col   2/2 CCS VX259
MOON, A A Maj   2/2 CCS NX455
CORLETTE, E L Maj   2/2 CCS NX350
CLARKE, J E R Maj (Dentist)   2/2 CCS QX6245
GODLEE, T Capt   2/3 MGB WX11057

F FORCE To Northern Thailand April 1943

STEVENS, R H Maj SMO 2/12 Fd Amb NX39043
HUNT, B A Maj   2/13 AGH WX11177
ROGERS, E A Maj   2/13 AGH TX2199
CAHILL, R L Capt (Lloyd)   2/19 Bn NX35149
CAHILL, F J Capt (Frank)   2/9 Fd Amb VX39702
HENDRY, P I A Capt   2/10 Fd Amb NX35147
TAYLOR, J L Capt   2/30 Bn NX70453
MILLS, R M Capt   2/10 Fd Amb NX35139
BRAND, V Capt   2/29 Bn VX39085
JUTTNER, C P Capt   2/9 Fd Amb SX14044
MANNION R I Capt (Dentist)   33 Dental Unit QX25481

H FORCE To Southern end of line 1943

MARSDEN, E A Capt (Dentist)   2/10 AGH NX39316
FAGAN, K J Capt (Dentist)   2/10 AGH NX70643
WINCHESTER Mac K Capt (Dentist)   43 ADU NX76600

L FORCE Deployed in medical support of natives August 1943

ANDREWS, H L Capt (Dentist)   2/10 AGH VX39316
MURPHY, P F Maj   2/10 Fld Amb NX70489
CRANKSHAW, T P Maj   2/13 AGH Amb VX62081

H FORCE To Southern end of line 1943

DAVIES, G F S Maj   2/13 AGH NX76351
HOGG, T G H Maj   2/13 AGH TX2185
FREW, J K Maj   2/13 AGH VX39181
DREVERMANN, E B Capt Maj   2/13 AGH VX61260

None of the above officers are still alive. Peter Winstanley has produced articles on most of the Australian Medical Officers.

Many of the doctors remained virtually unknown following World War Two even though their work was as heroic as any servicemen on active duty. One has only to think of those eight Medical Officers who were attached to the 250,000 coolies (natives) to appreciate what a difficult and thankless task that would have been. Medical Orderlies fall into the same category.

The Burma Thailand Railway Memorial Association is indebted to Lt Col (Retired) Peter Winstanley OAM RFD (JP) for his work on this subject.