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2019 Itinerary Click here for itinerary Booking are being accepted for the QUIET LION TOUR 2019 which departs Perth on 19th April 2019 and returns on 29th April 2019.

The Quiet Lion Tours have always featured High School students from around Australia who are sponsored by various charitable and service organisations. The focus on students is to celebrate the work done by the Doctors on the railway and to perpetuate the message that “we may forgive but we will never forget” the horrific story of the Burma Thailand Railway. The tour normally includes survivors of the railway construction, but this is subject to the health of the POW’s and is not guaranteed.

The Tour is for 11 days (10 nights) and the focus is on the story of the Australia PoWs, their camps and the Australian doctors culminating in the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Hellfire Pass and the Memorial Service in the Cemetery at Kanchanaburi. Many sites of Prisoner of War camps, the Bridge on the River Kwai, hospitals sites and other areas of interest are visited as part of the tour. Descendants of exPOW, Experts on the Thai Burma Railway travel on the tour and provide commentaries in addition to English speaking Thai Guides.

The Quiet Lion Tours commenced in 1985 and travels to Thailand to honour Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop, all other Doctors who tended the sick and all the Prisoners of War who were on the Burma Thailand Railway. The tours are operated by the Burma Thailand Railway Memorial Association, a non-profit group dedicated to preserving the memory of those who toiled on the Death Railway as Prisoners of War of the Japanese.

Several days are spent in Bangkok for tourist, shopping opportunities and to acclimatise to the local weather conditions.  Accommodation comprises of 3 nights at a top hotel in Bangkok, 1 night at a riverside resort in Kanchanaburi and 6 nights at the Home Phu Toey Resort (on the River Kwai near Hellfire Pass) which includes the Weary Dunlop Peace Park. Arrangements can be made for travel from any State in Australia.

Interested people should contact Tour Organiser Ian Holding on M 0418832281 Tour Leader David Piesse on     Tel 9447 7505 See Booking Conditions here and Application to Travel here

Three Tier Bridge Site 3 Tier Bridge Site  

The site of a former 3-tier bridge, part of the Burma-Thailand Railway Heritage trail. The walking trail follows the alignment of the original railway for approximately three kilometres from Konyu (Hellfire Pass) to beyond the 3-Tier bridge. ANZAC Day is the highlight. The day starts with the Dawn Service at Hellfire Pass, followed by the 11am commemoration service at the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, and it is now a feature of these ANZAC Day services that the juniors to the Quiet Lion Tour take an active part in the wreath laying ceremony.

As well as Defence Force Cadet involvement, up to 30 high school students can participate. RSL Sub-branches, service clubs, high schools and other sponsors work to raise funds to facilitate the students’ involvement.

The tour is also open to members of the general public and places are keenly sought by family members of ex POWs and others interested in Australian military history. The presence of ex-P’sOW who worked on the Railway is a unique and integral part of the tour. These remarkable men are volunteers who travel to tell of their experiences and keep alive the story of courage and sacrifice. The opportunity to get to know them and listen to their stories is a privilege not found on commercially-orientated commemorative trips.

The two cemeteries in Kanchanaburi (Don Rak and Chungkai) accommodate nearly 8,700 graves of Commonwealth and Dutch servicemen who died during the building of the Railway – nearly 7,000 in the main cemetery and 1,700 at Chungkai. The cemeteries are administered and beautifully maintained by staff of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

There has been concern regarding the unrest in Bangkok and as a result special alternatives have been planned to ensure travellers on the Quiet Lion Tours are not affected. The majority of the areas included in the tour are not a problem. Time spent in Bangkok city and particularly in the areas known to be affected by demonstrations will be adjusted according to circumstances. This will remain the case unless there is further trouble in Thailand at the time of the tour. For travel hints click here

The all-inclusive adult cost is $3,000 ex Perth, $3,500 Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and juniors subsidised at $2,600. Ex POWs who were on the Burma Thailand Railway travel free. Refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Association’s website