QLT 2020 Accommodation update

2020 Quiet Lion Tour - accommodation

The Burma Thailand Railway Memorial Association (Inc) is calling for application for passengers to join the Quiet Lion Tour for 2020. The 2020 tour is a 12-day, 11-night all-inclusive guided tour to Thailand to visit Hell Fire Pass dawn service and Kanchanaburi Cemetery wreath laying ceremony on ANZAC Day.

The tour also includes, air flights, transfers, meals, accommodation, a commentary on the experiences of the POWs on the railway during WWII and visits to the sites of many of the POW camps. Next year will see some improvements to the accommodation.

The tour has moved to the Royal River Hotel for the first two nights of the tour and then the Centre Point Central Hotel. Both hotels are better appointed; the rooms at the Royal River Hotel have river views and have improved the comfort of our passengers. The positioning of the hotels also improves the access for the tour bus to the airport and the day tour for its passengers.

Bangkok hotel room

A garden room at the Royal River Hotel.

The tour will spend a day in Bangkok and surrounding areas experiencing the Thai culture and then travel inland to areas where the railway was built. The experienced guides will give a running commentary on the struggle of the POWs during the railway construction. The historic part of the culminates in the Heritage work along part of the original railway and ending at the Hell Fire Pass Museum. The detailed itinerary, application form and terms and conditions of the tour are on the BTRMA’s website.



Vacancies remain for the QUIET LION TOUR 2020 which departs Perth on 17th April 2020 and returns on 27th April 2020.

The Tour is for 11 days (10 nights) and the focus is on the story of the Australia POWs, their hospitals and camps and the Australian doctors. The ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Hellfire Pass and the later Memorial Service in the War Cemetery at Kanchanaburi are highlights. The Bridge on the River Kwai, museums and other areas of interest are visited as part of the tour. Descendants of exPOWs and experts on the Thai Burma Railway travel on the tour and provide commentaries in addition to English speaking Thai Guides.

Deluxe class air-conditioned buses with video equipment are used. The Quiet Lion Tours commenced in 1985 and travel to Thailand to honour Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop, all the other Doctors and medical attendants who tended the sick but most of all the Prisoners of War who suffered on the Burma Thailand Railway. The tours are operated by the Burma Thailand Railway Memorial Association, a non-profit group dedicated to preserving the memory of those who toiled on the Death Railway as Prisoners of War of the Japanese.

There are opportunities in Bangkok for tourism and shopping. Accommodation comprises of 3 nights at top hotels in Bangkok, 1 night at a riverside resort in Kanchanaburi and 6 nights at the Home Phu Toey Resort (on the River Kwai near Hellfire Pass) which includes the Weary Dunlop Peace Park.

For the 2020 Quiet Lion Tour the hotels in Bangkok have been changed to provide an improved service to the travelers. The locations are better from quality, safety, accessibility and presentation purposes.

Another new feature is a cruise along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok as guests of Thai Airways and the Tourist Authority of Thailand seeing Bangkok at night on board a safe and comfortable cruiser. Take in views of both banks of the river from the open-air upper deck and feast on a gourmet buffet dinner of international dishes traveling along Bangkok’s main waterway enjoying the beauty of the city's monuments, temples and other historic sights, illuminated at night. Be entertained by a live band performance performing hits from different eras

A visit to the Erewan Falls at Kanchanaburi has also been added to the itinerary.

Arrangements can be made for travel from any State in Australia. Significant discounts are available for early fully paid bookings.

The full itinerary and other details are available on the BTRMA web site.

Interested people should contact Tour Organiser Ian Holding on M 0418832281 email:iholding@sinosteel.com.au Tour Leader David Piesse on Tel 9447 7505 email:djpiesse@gmail.com